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This frame will contour to your body’s perfect position with 5 moving sections, three pre-programmed positions and one button return to flat.  Designed to fit with most existing headboards / footboards / rail systems and with Wall-Glide the frame is prevented from rising out of reach from nightstand.


- Head & Foot Adjustment (W/ Wireless Remote)

- Dual Zone Massage (W/ Wave)

- Under-Bed Light

- Integrated Head Tilt

- Lounge Feature

- Anti-Snore & Zero Gravity Positions

Rize - Contemporary

This frame has a simple yet elegant look, with 2 heavy-duty motors, sturdy caster wheels and massage motors. Includes a wireless remote with backlit buttons and one button return to flat


- Head & Foot Adjustment (W/ Wireless remote)

- Dual-Zone Massage (W/ Wave)

- Foot Drop Feature

- Anti-Snore Feature

low cost adjustable frame pensacola, fl

Adjustable Frames

Comfort at its best adjust your way to the rest you deserve.  From sitting up reading or watching TV to reducing the amound of snoring you are experincing adjustable frames are your answer.  Our frames are built with quality materials and come with the warranty to back it up.

adjustable bed frame pensacola, fl adjustable bed frame in pensacola, fl

Rize - Relaxer

adjustable beds pensacola, fl adjustable frames pensacola, fl

Rize - Avante

This frame features an under-bed LED light, designed with extra neck support, with anti-snore, head and foot massage motors.  Heavy-duty motors, one button return to flat, backlit wireless remote with presets, fits most headboard and footboards.  The frame is designed for extra durability with steel post legs to support any thickness of mattress.


- Head & Foot Adjustments (W/ Wireless Remote)

- Dual Zone Massage (W/ Wave)

- Dual A/C Power Outlets

- LED Under-Bed Lighting

- Foot Drop Feature

- & More

Rize - Elevation

This frame is simple and elegant with an easy to use wired remote you will not spend time trying find the last place you put your wireless remote. It is designed to fit most headboards / footboards / rail systems and is a durable bed with steel post legs and two 6,000 Newton motors and safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under bed.


- Adjustable Head & Foot Sections

- Improved Lift Capacity

- Height Options

- Link two bases together to adjust simultaneously

Rize adjustable bed frame pensacola, fl

Rize - Revolution

This modern quality adjustable bed frame will bring you comfortably into the digital age with Bluetooth speaker, under bed LED light and USB charger ports.  Heavy-duty motor, multi support settings and helps reduce snoring.


- Adjustable Head, Foot and Lumbar (Wireless Remote)

- Massage (W/ Wave)

- USB Charger ports

- LED Under-Bed Light

- Bluetooth Speaker

- & More